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Manifesting Sobriety – Backwards.

I have a thought for you today.

If you know anything about the idea of manifestation, you can create something you want or need by focusing your thoughts, words, and actions onto the outcome that you want.  

This can be very powerful and has worked time and time again in my own life. I focus on it, I speak of it in the present tense, journal about it, visualize it in my mind and sometimes sooner rather than later, it makes itself available to me.  Don’t believe me?  

How often do you start seeing red Jeeps after you just bought a red Jeep?  What about when you have a vivid thought or feeling about someone and then you bump into them?   

Manifestation is simply a more focused, in-depth version of creating these types of situations more frequently and with greater intention.  More on that another day.     

But what about when we want a certain outcome, that doesn’t involve bringing something TO us?  What if there is a negative situation in our lives (illness, relationship, state of being) that we want to GO AWAY?

There is a saying by the great Deepak Chopra that “worrying is like praying for what you don’t want.”  Yet when there is a negative situation in our lives, it seems that all we do is obsess about it.  Even if our racing thoughts consist of “please make this situation go away” or “I can’t wait until this is over”.

Even though we mean well and we THINK we are doing our part to push it farther away, we’re actually doing a darn good job of perpetuating the situation and keeping it that much closer – by focusing on it.  

There was a point in my drinking when I felt extremely controlled by the urge to drink.  It baffled me and disheartened me.  I felt powerless and sad and wondered if I would always be so compelled to keep drinking even when it was producing negative consequences in my life and health.  

So I started focusing on all things related to drinking: Googling “Am I an Alcoholic?”, looking up Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD) and health problems related to alcohol, watching horror stories on YouTube of people who had hit rock-bottom and lost their families, jobs, and more.  I thought I was educating myself; I thought I could scare the urges out of me, but nothing changed.  If anything it got worse – much worse – before it got better.  

Looking back, I wish that I had learned what I’m about to share with you even sooner than I did: that sometimes, to manifest a negative situation out of our lives, we have to NOT focus on it.  

Wait, what?  

That’s right. We have to turn our backs on the very thing we’re so focused on getting rid of. The more you focus on the problem you want gone, the more you’re actually exacerbating the same situation over and and over.  In my case, I was also compounding it with fear.  

It’s like trying to find your way out of a dark room by putting on a blindfold.  When you’re already afraid of the dark.

If you are concerned about your drinking and finding yourself in a whirlpool of concern, worry, and fear, it may be time for you to STOP focusing on it.  “But how can I stop drinking if I don’t focus on stopping?”

Great question.  You ARE going to focus.  You’re just not going to focus on the issue you’re having with the drink.  This is the time to make room in your mind, body, and energy field for positive things to come in.  So we’re not going to spend hours on WebMD looking up health concerns or watching “Intervention”.  Quite the contrary.  We’re going to manifest – in reverse.  

This is where you find things to do, say, watch and listen to that you want MORE of.  This is where your SPIRITUAL DIET comes in to play.  Remember – your diet is NOT just what you eat.  It’s what you say and think, what you watch and listen to.  So if you want a negative situation to leave your life, you have to make the room, create the opportunity and pathway for it to do so, focus on what you want MORE of, and trust the process. The more you put into this, the faster you’ll see results.  

  1.  Carve a mental pathway for this situation to exit your life.  
  2.  Create a state of allowing – allowing the negative to leave and the positive to enter
  3.  Focus on the things you want, that make you feel happy, healthy and alive. 
    Do NOT focus or even think about the negative situation. It does not deserve your mental real estate or precious energy.
  4. Trust the process

Manifesting backwards can be challenging, but with practice it gets easier.  Besides, if what you’re doing has you stuck – it may be time to try something new, yes?

Have you had luck manifesting backward?  I want to hear about it!

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