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So, what exactly is this?

I know what you’re thinking.
What is this all about? 
Do you want my money?

Are you going to preach to me?
Do I HAVE to stop drinking to hang out here?
Wait, is this going to be about God or whatever?

Well, first of all, HI! 

My name is Jacq Maren and I created the online community Girl, Put a Cork in It in 2020 when a little thing called a global pandemic gave rise to a pandemic of a different kind: exponential alcohol consumption worldwide. Among the heaviest drinkers? Women (that’s you, moms).

My goal for this community is to provide the type of place that I was seeking years back when my life felt unhealthy, out of control, and filled with shame.  A place where I could ideally dip my little toe into the water of sobriety, find out if there was anything in it for a “normal” mom like me, ask questions, and take things at my own pace. I was NOT interested in having things forced on me all at once (that cold turkey shit scared me) NOR did I embrace the idea of introducing myself as an alcoholic.  Am I one?  Maybe.  But that’s not really the point. 

I know first-hand what it’s like for alcohol to take over your life, to self-medicate from years of unhealed trauma and mental health issues (although this is by no means a pre-requisite for unhealthy drinking), and to just feel generally unwell, unsettled and overall not living your best life. 

Whether it’s money, work, relationships, health or parenting, being a woman is HARD and wine is our FRIEND, right? I mean if you’re not posting memes about slugging bottles of wine to blot out the endless whining of those little sticky-fingered heathens are you even a mom?? (This is probably a good time to make note of my sarcasm. I tend to lay it on pretty thick, so brace yourself.)

True story, though, I was (and still fight not to be) the wine-iest wine mom at the block party. I loved, loved, loved my wine. I still miss it sometimes. But the truth is, it just stopped working and something had to change. Period. I spent years kicking and screaming to find a way to keep my precious Pinot, but alas, in the end, we broke up. And I’m so much better for it!

Maybe you know you want to quit drinking, but you’re not even sure where to start. 

Maybe you don’t want to quit drinking, but you want to educate yourself and maybe cut back a bit. 

Maybe you think I’m a whack-job and you’re only here to roll your eyes and talk shit about this over your next happy hour.  You have my blessing.  

But I suspect that if you’re here, you may be where I was for years: stuck.  Stuck in a cycle you can’t quite get out of.  Whatever that cycle is.  Whatever it is you’re struggling with, I promise one thing:  alcohol never makes it better.  Trust me…I’ve tried (and tried)!  Accepting that fact pissed me off as much as it may piss you off.  But it’s true.  The answer to your peace is elsewhere. 

In the years since I started sober-living, things got exponentially better.  Oh, and they also got worse sometimes.  I’m not here to tell you that quitting alcohol is going to fix all of your problems, but I will tell you this: my worst day sober is always better than my best day with wine and I NEVER thought I would say that.  I also never thought I’d be able to go a week, let alone a year without wine (or fall back into its trap and get stuck again).  But I’ve done all of the above, I’ve learned a ton, I’ve met amazing people, and I want to meet YOU.  Here online for now, of course!

I promise to keep it real and keep it fun. 
You just promise to check in and keep an open mind. 

Sound good? Let’s go!

Here’s a list of getting started steps if you’re interested in being a part of this incredible community (and I sure hope you are!).

With love,